• DBS: Our hard working multi-purpose bitters.
    Aroma of cherries, with overtones of vanilla, cloves, allspice, and cassia providing the complex of flavours and scents.


    Ginger: Made using only fresh ginger and other natural botanicals, the Ginger Bitters gives a little kick to any cocktail! Even great to cook with too.


    Orange: Crafted using a combination of orange varieties, accented with fennel, cardamom and verbena, with a smoky overtone, these are a must-have for your Old Fashioned.


    Pear: Overwhelmingly pear, with vanilla, ginger and cubeb to add a slightly peppery finish.


    Hot Pepper: A rich bitters created from only natural botanicals & local hot peppers. Add a dash to your favourite cocktail to add complexity.


    La Canita Mole: Crafted with La Carnita the Mole Bitters are perfect to add a hint of warm spice & chocolate to your cocktails.

    Dillons Bitters

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