• DuraShield™ | Titanium Reinforced
    Reinforced with Titanium for increased durability and to help resist chips or scratches. Barium is also added, in place of lead, to provide a truly lightweight crystal with an elevated brilliance.

    • 100% Lead-free crystal for excellent durability, clarity & elegance
    • Brass-plated commercial grade 304 stainless steel shaker top & cap
    • Handcrafted shaker glass
    • Cold-cut shaker rim
    • Built-in strainer inside lid
    • Leakproof silicone seal
    • Perfect for mixing up Margaritas, Cosmopolitans, Daiquiris, Whiskey Sours & other classic cocktails!


    Shaker Diffuser

    Our shaker diffuser helps to separate and disperse ice while pouring. The diffuser rod gyrates and adjusts to catch larger ice, which helps maintain smoother and more consistent pours when shaking cocktails with ice.

    Final Touch Crystal Cocktail Shaker

    SKU: LFG4000-18
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