• DuraShield™ | Titanium Reinforced
    Reinforced with Titanium for increased durability and to help resist chips or scratches. Barium is also added, in place of lead, to provide a truly lightweight crystal with an elevated brilliance.

    • DuraShield™  Titanium reinforced
    • 100% Lead-free crystal for excellent durability, clarity & elegance
    • Large balloon shaped bowl helps to trap aromas for improved taste and plenty of room for ice
    • Comfortably holds a large 13.5 oz / 400 ml cocktail
    • Authentic copa de balon style glass with one-piece pulled stem
    • Specifically designed for gin & tonic cocktails
    • Ultra-fine cold-cut rim for optimum mouthfeel
    • Handmade & dishwasher safe

    Final Touch Set of 2 Balloon Gin Glasses

    SKU: LFG2222
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