• *this product can NOT be shipped. Avaliable for in-store and curb side pickup ONLY.


    Starting with a gin bath, our fish is cured for 72 hours in a crust of kosher salt and brown sugar before being cleaned and crusted with their final flavour cures for another 48 hours.

    After 5 days all fish filets are hand-sliced, weighed and vacuum sealed for you to take home and feed your family.



    Pastrami spice is a mix of ground black peppercorn, coriander and mustard seed with a baste of maple syrup to sweeten the slice. Crusted for 48 hours before sliced thinly and packaged.

    $12 per 1 / $4lb or $22 per ½ lb


    A mix of fresh dill, lemon zest with a light baste of lemon juice gives this classic Lox a tart and sweet flavour with an undertone of licorice.

    Joshy's Cured Salmon Gralvax

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